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» Abstract
» Technical characteristics
» Navigation equipment
» Power unit
» Flight range diagram
» Aircraft interior
» Layout options
» Aircraft maintenance and servicing


The multi-purpose An-74 family includes several versions specially conceived to fulfill civil, peace-making and humanitarian missions.

Distinguishing features

The An-74 jet family of aircraft personifies the designers' determination to engineer the platform with maximum options up from the ground to achieve the impressive effectiveness in virtually every mission. The aircraft of this family universal in the wide sense are specially tailored to carry cargo, passengers and equipment; indispensable at humanitarian and special missions; remarkably effective for maritime patrol and surveillance. Military transport missions include handling and paradropping cargo and troopers, border patrol, medevac and intensive therapy. With one aircraft of the family the operator will get more than a dozen of options, while converting from one option to another is as easy as collecting the Lego meccano. The high degree of commonality between aircraft units and systems - the family concept - gives a customer more flexibility in route and operations planning for different types of missions and at the same time saves his money on cross-crew training and maintenance.


Series production is set up at KSAMC.

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